Happy Christmas! (2016)

Hello! And Happy Christmas! I haven’t written a blogpost since like, April! I thought i’d tell you all what I’ve been up to…

I started at Calder Valley Steiner school in September and that’s awesome, I moved my bedroom to the downstairs room and it’s really cool!,  we have our tree up! it’s a fake one with pine cones and berries, something you definitely wouldn’t find on a real tree! My school just broke up yesterday (16th) and I’ve got swimming lessons every day from the 19th to the 23rd (Dec) which I’m looking forward to! 😀

Me and my Mum and Dad and siblings are going on holiday to Center Parcs in January, we will have to pack a lot of jumpers!

My Brother Leon has made his own drum kit out of pots and pans and an empty Haribo box and some wooden spoons for drumsticks and he’s happy with that.

For our advent calendar, we have a wooden one with figures like  shepards or cows or camels or angels and stuff like that, when you open the door you get the figure out and put it on top of the advent calendar, by Dec 24th, you have them all! My mum also made a little present bag with small presents every day up to the 24th Dec.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas now, it’s only a week away!

Have a lovely Christmas!