It’s been ages…

Ok, I’ve been busy so I’ll tell you what’s been going on.

Calam the rat has turned 2 on Jan 12th! I can’t believe it’s been two years since I got her!


It’s also been my birthday, I’m eleven now!

I am going to be a veterinary nurse when I grow up so my auntie Maddy is taking me on work experience! 😀 I went to check out the vets at Pets At Home where she sometimes works and I got to hold some animals, I had quite a few choices: 3 gerbils, 4 guinea pigs and 2 bunnies. I chose not to open the gerbil cage as they can jump out pretty easily, I chose a bunny to stroke, a properly cute fluffy black one that Mum just managed not to buy! I stuck my hand in the guinea pig cage and they all ran into the corner, accept one, a cute ginger one that I picked up to stroke, He/she was lovely!

I subscribed to the Beano! (Which is like the awesome-est comic ever)

I’ve also worked out mods for Minecraft PE, which was pretty difficult, but I managed it!

My brother Leon Learned how to play the harmonica, it suprisingly didn’t take him long.                                             (he’s 7)

I went on an awesome holiday, Center Parcs!

My auntie Flic got me a Tamagotchi for christmas!

Leon also got his ears pierced, he didn’t cry!