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Sensory tip of the week: hair brushing

Sensory tip of the week this week is hair brushing.

I have 8 tips for you


  • Try using brushes like Tangle tamer or Tangle teezer; they hurt less on me, it might work with your kid.
  • Letting the sensory kid brush their own hair is one way.
  • There might be sores on the sensory kid’s head.
  • Massage the sensory kid’s head before brushing his/her hair.
  • Try this website.
  • If the sensory kid has long hair and is old enough, try rewarding hair brushing with straightening and curling.
  • Maybe the sensory kid should brush his/her hair in the shower after using conditioner, it hurts less for some people.
  • Make sure the sensory kid is regulated before hair brushing.



Calam my pet rat says: the best way to brush your hair is to lick your fingers, then scratch! I don’t think this works with humans!